Whoa, some fans are just nuts...

I've been watching some con vids and the ones of the Jus in Bello con in Rome were pretty high quality, so I kept watching. Then I heard Jensen saying that some girl at the London con actually jumped on him and tried to kiss him and I started thinking how these girls/screaming creatures treat the actors like a piece of meat. Imagine being on the subway and some random guy leaping at you and licking your face. I'd kick him in the nuts and probably be scarred for life, 'cause I'd expect random strangers to just invade my personal space in this incredibly rude and unpredictable manner. He said that he 'forearmed' her, meaning that he blocked her movement and he was nice enoug to then worry about having harmed her. Wow.

I mean screaming and throwing plushies and writing long, sappy letters and bidding 3000$ for a Tshirt someone signed might be a little immature/irrational, but at least it's harmless. This, to me, goes way beyond what 'being a fan' means, and I probably would have sued her for it. The crassest thing was that most of the people who commented on that vid said something along the lines of: "If I had the courage, I'd do it, too." Man, if being famous means that people think they have a right to touch you (and not just with their hands either), that you are obliged to tell them every little thing that's going on in your life and they can film you everywhere, than I'll start being glad I'm just little old me.

Also, I found this crazy discussion http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0460681/board/thread/182870655?p=1 on Daneel signing autographs at a con. This just creeps me out. Why would you create a twitter account just to hate on one specific person, who you've never met and whose career is not of concern to you? On the one hand, fans always wanna know every little thing about their everyday life, but as soon as their wives are concerned, they go 180° and demand they are excluded from cons. I'm not the most romantic person, but if two people find they are willing to spend the rest of their lives with each other and make each other happy, then let them fucking be. I actually think it's very considerate of the Js to bring along people who need the publicity and I bet bringing their friends makes traveling around the world more agreeable. 

I wonder if these so-called fans have wasted one thought on the way they treat the people they claim to 'love'. Is it so hard to figure out that nobody wants to be jumped on, licked by strangers, have his wife bullied by a bunch of screaming lunatics or denied a family life just cause some delusional nutjob wants to be in a relationship with a film character? I never understood how it gets any more likely that some random fan will ever be in a relationship with an actor if said actor is single anyway... Those people who claim to 'love' the Js only know the roles they play, the few random things they share at cons and their looks, they don't know the first thing about them personally. Wow, that's gotta be true "love".

I once read this fic where a girl shot Jensen (who stepped between her and Jared, whom she'd planned on shooting originally) because she confused his character with the real person. I have to wonder, if there are people out there who jump on people and write death threats to their loved ones, what else are they willing to do?

People find it freaky how involved I get with the show, but I just enjoy a good plot, good actors, and the brotherly bantering (and yeah, the Js aren't hard on the eyes). I don't think I know them, I don't begrudge their wives' their happiness, I don't claim to love them and if I ever met them I'd certainly not jump them or run them down for not taking the 300th picture of the day with me. If I had the courage, I'd just tell them that I like their show and that I watch it with my roomies. And that would pretty much make my day.

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sexiest ass

I have a new project. I'll build a miniature motel room. I've never done this before, so if the results are craptastic, you've been warned.

I'd like to do something close to the one from Tall Tales (2.15), but it depends on what kind of furniture I can get a hold of. I won't keep everything true to scale, this is supposed to be fun and something I'd like to spend my time with, so there won't be any serious calculations.

It also depends on my budget, I've spent close to 200€ on the altar already (and it's nowhere near finished), so it's gonna take some time. Again, this is something I do for fun, I don't take any of this seriously. I don't believe in unicorns, leprechauns (although they're funny), black magic, angels, anything supernatural that only comes out at night/drinks blood/casts spells, stalking celebrities, building creepy replicas for weird fantasies or any other weird/creepy/delusional things you might come up with.

It's just that I miss Supernatural right now, 'cause I dont wanna watch the show online (illegally), so I'm waiting for season six on DVD. Germany is way behind on Supernatural, they haven't even started showing season five over here. (+ I wouldn't watch it even if they had, 'cause the dubbing is crappy, Sam has this totally girly, high voice and Dean isn't much better off.)
I found a table and some paraphernalia in a small shop and arranged them like this (later on I realized that this could be taken as a satiric picture representing American stereotypes):

Mahaha =)
victory sam

“I’m Dean Fucking Winchester, dude.”

“And I’m Dean Fucking Winchester’s Achilles’ heel.”

Just when I thought this fandom couldn't get any weirder...
is it cause we're awesome

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